Behind those eyes of an outsider photographer

With the onset of technology in photography, photographers have been advancing into two distinct types– insider and outsider photographers. Insider photographers are native to the environment and thus familiar to it, whereas outsider photographers prefer to take photographs in an environment unfamiliar to them. Recent debate has it that outsiders take better photographers. It is this blogger’s humble opinion that outsider photographers are the better of the two, as outsider photographers have a less biased perspective of the environment and are more able to provide differentiated viewpoints.


Outsider photographers, as an audience and unaffected by the environment, are more likely to be unbiased when providing his or her perspective of the environment, both emotionally and situationally. Unlike outsider photographers, insider photographers are much more familiar with the environment. As such, their opinions are more likely to be influenced and shaped by the various factors present in that environment. Outsider photographers are unfamiliar to the environment, as such they tend to be less influenced by the elements in that particular environment. Their perspectives are not affected and their imagination and viewpoints are less biased. In this way, the photographs created by outsider photographers carry messages less influenced and biased by the environment, allowing the viewer to have a more realistic and less screwed picture of the situation depicted. 


Apart from that, outsider photographers, being less familiar and jaded than insider photographers tend to express novel and differentiated viewpoints. Given the same situation, an insider photographer might portray a scene generic to environment which is especially common in such a situation. As such, the viewpoints expressed might not interest the audience. However, an outsider photographer’s mindset is less chained than that of an insider photographer’s, resulting in his/her opinions to be less influenced. More often than not, outsider photographers portray scenes overlooked or unique which is not commonly noticed by the insider photographers. As such, novel and differentiated viewpoints are expressed through an outsider photographer’s pictures, allowing the audience to be exposed to alternative viewpoints. 


Photographs taken by outsider photographers


Outsider photographers offer realistic portrayals

Therefore, in conclusion, outsider photographers produce better photographs than insider photographers due to the nature of their photos. Such photos are less biased and more able to provide insights into the environment that may not be noticed by insider photographers.


One thought on “Behind those eyes of an outsider photographer

  1. Hello! I think your blog post lacks a hook at the start but the photo itself can act as a hook. I think your thesis statement is good, and is supported by the main points of your argument (post) below. However, I think your title may not provide the insights or the overall idea for your blog post because you state ‘behind the eyes of the outsider photographer’ but in your post, you talk about insider and outsider almost equally, hence your title does not fully show the overall idea of your post. Conclusion is clear, giving overview of the post and also reinstating the stand.

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