Urban Development and its Effects (in relation to the environment)


Gao Shu Xin (12)

While urbanization causes inevitably damages the environment, without urbanization, communities of people are in turned disadvantaged.

Urbanization is defined as is the physical growth of urban areas as a result of rural migration and even suburban concentration into cities. People living in rural areas are migrating to urban areas on a massive scale due to population pressure and the lack of resources in rural areas. They believe that living in urban areas provide them a higher standard of living, well paid jobs, as well as better health care and education. Along with propaganda from the government inviting them to the city in hope to minimize rural areas, they are propelled to migrate into the city and this is when the need for urbanization arises.

Firstly, the basic needs of these migrants must be met. Proper housing and proper jobs would go up in demand as these migrants struggle to survive in the city. These demands can only be met through clearing of land and even nature reserves to set up housing estates, companies and factories. When their motive of migrating to the city can’t be satisfied, they will become the burdens of the society and thus lose their basic human rights. Slums would start forming due to lack of housing and diseases would start to spread, harming both migrants and original city dwellers. Without jobs and a proper income, these migrants would lead miserable lives in the city, perhaps even worse than in the villages.

However, if these migrants are properly tended to, they can be useful contributors to the city and even the nation as a whole. When job opportunities are provided for them, there would be an eventual rise in national income. This would intern lead to a higher consumption expenditure which would lead to a rise in national output, which helps to stabilize inflation.

Since the government promotes rural migration, as it effectively reduces rural areas, promoting modernization, they have to be responsible for the well-being of these people. Only then can the full benefit of urban migration can be seen and physically expanding the urban areas is the fastest, most effective way. Natural sites and habitats would have to sacrifice for the development of the city, in hope to achieve a first world country status.


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