The UK Prime Minister’s Point of View: Stem cell research- a field of scientific study in the UK?


Scientific development has been the cornerstone of a country’s progress, affecting a nation both socially and economically. Trailing the advent of modernization, it is irrefutable that scientific progress has positive far-reaching repercussions. One subjective topic which is widely debated is the question of stem cell research- whether stem cell research should be encouraged as a field of scientific research in the UK. In view of the promising outcomes and beneficial repercussions both socially and economically, stem cell research should be encouraged as a field of scientific study. 


With the well-being of the citizens of UK in mind, there is high potential in stem cell research offering alternative treatments for patients with terminal illnesses. In the recent decade, medical progress has yet been capable to reach out to patients with seemingly untreatable diseases like cancer, Parkinson’s disease etc. Stem cell research is able to shed light on alternative treatments which might be able to revive these patients. Consequently, a better well-being increases the living standards of the citizens. Every year, more than 50 million patients perish of terminal illnesses. Provided the high mortality rate, it is apparent that a cure is in high demand. Stem cell research has extensive influence over the medical field, with a possibility that it might revolutionize this sector. As such, stem cell research, along with its potential social benefits, should be encouraged. 


Secondly, stem cell research progresses hand-in-hand with economic development. In accordance with the aforementioned point, stem cell research might pave away for alternative treatments. As a result, mortality rate from previously terminal illnesses could be drastically lowered and a healthier workforce will be able to drive the development of the country. This allows for increased work productivity and efficiency which accelerates economic advancement, speeding up a country’s development as a whole. In addition, greater support and fiscal resources allocated for stem cell research leaves room for more public and private sector job opportunities in the field of biomedical sciences and medical industry, attracting a greater pool of talented specialists. When one gear turns, so do the rest. As a resultant effect, UK’s GDP is expected to grow and a greater economic stimulus is predicted. In view of its economic impacts, stem cell research should be encouraged.

 As UK’s prime minister, my words mirror the needs of UK’s citizens. Taking into consideration its boundless positive repercussions, stem cell research should be encouraged. 

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