Korean Pop: Good or Bad Influence? (Perspective of Government)

With the help of the internet, the Korean wave has since spread over the entire world. Now, people all over the world, including Singaporeans, have fallen deeply into the clutches of the Korean wave.

In the opinion of the Singapore Government, the Korean wave has an overall bad influence on Singapore teenagers as it will hinder the development of Singapore, and thus affecting the lives of them in the future. This is the case because the teenagers will slowly lose their sense of identity as Singaporeans as they adopt the new Korean culture and also because of the large amounts of time spend on Korean Pop.

Numerous Singaporean teenagers have started incorporating Korean Fashion into their daily outfits. From clothes to cosmetic products, the Korean industry is slowly infiltrating the Singaporean markets. In the year of 2013, there are a total of 7 Korean cosmetic Chains in Singapore. One such shop is “Tony Moly”.


The reasons for teenagers to patronise these store are often because they are fans of the celebrity ambassadors of the shops and also because they desire to become as pretty as the Korean stars.  This shows that Korean fashion is rather popular among the teenagers in Singapore due to the Korean wave in Singapore. This way, they will gradually lose their sense of identity and belonging to Singapore and hence breaking the unity of Singaporeans. If Singaporeans are not united, nothing can be accomplished. Therefore the Korean wave has a bad influence on Singapore teenagers as it hinders the development of Singapore.

Many teenagers are also spending a lot of time on Korean Pop.

“I just want to be close to them all the time. I don’t feel like eating, sleeping, or studying,”   This is what a Singaporean Sasaeng Fan said.

She is not  alone. Many teenagers spend their valuable time attending concerts, trawling through the internet for updates on their idols, which could otherwise be used for studying or family-bonding. They will probably continue with their addiction until they reach adulthood. This will affect the quality of their work and hence hinder the development of Singapore.

To sum it up, Korean pop is a bad influence to Singaporean teenagers. Here are a few scenarios for you to ponder about. Imagine a Singapore which is not united; Imagine a Singapore which has fans who spend half their time on their idols. What will happen to Singapore? 

By Tiffany Kok:)

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